Funky Chunky Bead Stash Jewelry!

paper bead earring 5

They’re BIG! They’re BOLD! They’re COLORFUL! And best of all, they USE UP BEAD STASH BEADS!

wire crochet necklace

I came across some paper beads from when I FIRST started beading. I remember we went camping, and I brought paper, scissors, markers and glue with me…and sat in a tent for an entire day while it rained and made a ton of paper beads. So I remembered seeing these Anthropologie inspired earrings all over Pinterest some time back and got out some wire.

paper bead earring 5

paper bead earring 4

paper bead earring 3

I’m not very good with wire. These earrings are pretty big. But they sure are colorful! And I’m not afraid to wear big colorful earrings every now and then!

paper bead earring

A few weeks ago I got an email from Auntie’s Beads touting Karla Kam’s one millionth view on her video for bead crochet. So I gave it a whirl!

wire crochet necklace 2

I used wire that was bigger than recommended. Well, that’s all I had on hand. But I did manage to use up a bunch of blue beads, including a few packages of cute lampwork beads that were in the dollar markdown bins at Walmart.

wire crochet necklace 4

Aren’t they groovy? Every time I see a bag of lampworks in the markdown bin I can’t resist. Anyway this necklace is REALLY REALLY BIG. I’m not sure if I will ever have the motivation to wear it. Maybe with a white t-shirt and some sort of cardigan. In winter. Maybe.

wire crochet necklace 5

Yeah, that’s a big old heavy necklace. But it was fun to crochet with wire and beads. Maybe if I get smaller, thinner wire I would like it better.