St. Petersburg Tila Bead V-Shaped Necklace

st pete tila necklace 3

I found this necklace that was entitled “Sleek in Silver” in a back issue of Beadwork magazine. I ordered FIFTY digital issues a couple of weeks ago when they were running a special for like 30 bucks off if you spend 50. Or something like that, all I know is I spent a bit over twenty dollars and I am ROLLING in digital issues of Beadwork, Step by Step Wire, Bead & Button, etc.

st pete tila necklace 6

Anyhoo, this was a St. Petersburg stitch using Tila beads, 8/0 seeds, and 11/0 seeds. I was supposed to have top drilled briolettes for the dangles, but all I could find was some glass leaf beads so I went with them.

st pete tila necklace 4

This necklace involved making 31 sets of stitches based around a tila bead, and then rounds 32, 34, and 36 each have a dangle. Times two…..the two straps of the necklace. The straps are then combined with a little triangle of 3-2-1 tila beads with 3 more dangles.

st pete tila necklace 5

st pete tila necklace 2

I had ALOT of fun making this one. I enjoy St. Petersburg stitch, and I especially enjoyed it with the tila beads. It didn’t involve a lot of thought, and no complicated maneuvers….it was a breeze to make. I made screenshots of the three pages of instructions I used, as I am not the most tech savvy person, and my attempted upload to scribd failed.

sleek in silver 1

sleek in silver 2

sleek in silver 3

And here I am modeling the lovely V shaped St. Petersburg stitch leaf dangle necklace!

st pete tila necklace

UPDATE: I made a half necklace of the St. Petersburg Tila beads and used some black chain for the rest.

st pete half tila necklace

I ordered some “good” beads from Fusion Beads, including the 6mm Emerald green Tila beads and the 16 mm black Daggers in this necklace. All I can say is wow, it is so nice using higher quality beads than the less expensive ones. Fusion beads sells by the bead, so I only had 50 of these Tilas, thus the idea for the half necklace.

st pete tila half necklace 3

The only problem I have with this necklace is the daggers do not hang properly. This is the first time I have worked with dagger beads, so I’m not sure if I need to leave more slack when stringing them or what. I may end up taking this apart and re-doing, because those darn daggers stick out all the wrong ways and I have to manually straighten them out – and then walk like a model with a book on my head so they don’t move. Not very practical!


Two Types of Tila Bead Bracelets

red and green tila bracelets

This week I worked on two Tila bead bracelets. I did not have a pattern for either of them, I eyeballed a picture and copied! I have been nursing a horrible toothache all week (dentist appointment tomorrow, yay!) so it took me about five days to finish these….but I like them both, and especially the curvy greenish blue one!

green tila bracelet 3

The first bracelet used Miyuki Metallic Green Iris 5mm x 1.9mm Tila Beads that I had picked up on Amazon from Beadaholique. These Tilas are a bit smaller and somewhat opaque, but Amazon usually has a tube of approximately 64 to 86 beads for $2 to $4.

green tila bracelet 2

I used 3mm glass pearls in “pewter” from Auntie’s Beads, alternating with a seed bead mix of 10/0 beads in the color mix “mermaid” from Hobby Lobby.

green tila bracelet

The picture that I copied from is this Tila Curve Bracelet. If you concentrate, it’s not that hard at all.

green tila bracelet 4

red tila bracelet

The second bracelet used some better (and more expensive) Red Picasso 6mm Tila Beads
and two colors of SuperDuo beads, along with some gold 11/0 seed beads.

red tila bracelet 2

I have made something similar to this before, and I used this picture from Around the Beading Table to work from. Alas, since I didn’t have an actual pattern to work from, the bracelet is a bit wonky and uneven looking when laid out on the table, but when put on the wrist it looks fine. Moral of the story: if you are a perfectionist, or you plan to sell or give your stuff away as gifts, it definately pays to buy the pattern to work from.

a bit wonky, won't you agree?

a bit wonky, won’t you agree?

Three Strand Tila Bead Bracelets

blue and purple tila 3 strand 2

I have so many beads that I have bought in the past year that I forget what I even have sometimes. Then I stumble across something and say “Oh Yeah! I forgot about these!” Which I am sure everyone does, especially if you have the beading bug. I came across a bunch of Tila beads that I had bought on sale through Amazon months ago. So, inspired by this “Berrylicious” Bracelet pattern at Red Panda Beads (they have a TON of color examples on the page!) I whipped up a few variations.

blue and red tila 3 strand 2

One was made with Red Picasso tila beads and some light blue pearlescent 6/0’s, and the other has light blue tilas, purple seeds and tibetan silver tube spacers.

blue and red tila 3 strand

blue and purple tila 3 strand

My only problem is….I made them too small to fit on MY wrist 😦 – hopefully my daughter will like them!

Orange and Turquoise Tila Bracelet

orange tila bracelet 5

Continuing on my strange obsession with orange this week, here is a Tila bead bracelet that I put together yesterday.

the ingredients for this bracelet

the ingredients for this bracelet

This bracelet used 36 to 40 Tila beads, 6/0 turquoise seed beads, and 15/0 gold seed beads. I used, as usual, monofilament to string. I have NO LUCK with beading needles! I have bought at least 5 packs of them, and I just hate them. Thus I find myself always going back to the monofilament line.

orange tila bracelet 3

You make two rows of Tila beads to the length you want, then “zipper” them together with more 6/0 beads. The tutorial that I used is here.

orange tila bracelet 5

on the wrist!

on the wrist!

And voila! The finished product! All in all, it only took about two hours to finish.