Beaded Flower Necklace

flower necklace 24

I found this video from Kelly, of Off the Beaded Path, for this Fun Floral Necklace. It requires SuperDuo beads, 11/0s and 8/0s. That’s it! It is fun to make, too.

flower necklace 19
flower necklace 16

Kelly gives the option of making the flower components all the way around, or making the chain-like components and as many or as few of the flowers as you like. I chose to make five flowers, and the rest chain. I made 14 chain components for each side on the red necklace, and wanted it a bit longer so I made 15 on each side for the gold necklace.

The Ingredients:  Black SuperDuo beads, Black and White striped 8/0 beads, and blue 11/0 beads.

The Ingredients: Black SuperDuo beads, Black and White striped 8/0 beads, and blue 11/0 beads.

Making the flowers is easy! String 8 SuperDuos into a circle and add an 8/0 in the center.

flower necklace 3

Add an 8/0 between each top hole of all 8 SuperDuos.

flower necklace 4

Add 3 11/0s between each 8/0.

flower necklace 5

Each flower gets ONE connector, made of 2 11/0s, a SuperDuo, and 2 more 11/0s.

flower necklace 8

Flowers are joined together by adding 11/0s to the side of one flower that doesn’t have the connector to the connector of the next flower.

flower necklace 11

After all your flowers are joined together it’s time to work on the “chain”!

flower necklace 14

The chain is basically a variation of the connectors – very easy and quick. You can even mix it up, like I did here, by using a few 8/0s in place of some of the 11/0s.

flower necklace 15

The video shows each step in detail. The whole necklace works up in a few hours!

flower necklace 20flower necklace 17
flower necklace


Fan Earrings

fan earrings 6

I have been stalking the beautiful tutorials of Ellad2 for quite some time now, and decided to purchase one for a lovely pair of fan earrings.

fan earrings

They are actually quite easy to make, the base is made of 8/0 seeds and superduo beads. My problem was, I only had 6/0 beads, which kinda threw everything off.

fan earrings 3

After making the inner loop, you then add rows of 15/0 seeds inside.

fan earrings 5

Her instructions called for a 6mm center bead, but as my dimensions were all off by substituting 6/0 for 8/0, I ended up using a bigger center bead.

fan earrings 8

The fans are made with some 3mm bicones. The earrings are lovely, and I immediately ordered a bunch of 8/0 seeds so that I can make them PROPERLY. The fans tended to curl up instead of laying flat, which I think will be remedied when I use the correct size beads.

fan earrings 9

I couldn’t wait for the new beads to come, so I made a second set in green and gold. I HIGHLY recommend any tutorials from Ellad2, they are super cute, and have very clear instructions and pictures to guide you along. There’s even a few “freebie” tutorials hidden on the site as well!


Okay so my beads all came, and now I have proper 8/0’s and all sorts of new colors of superduos. But guess what? They are still curling up at the ends.

fan earrings trio

But I think I know the culprit – the monofilament. I need to be using a needle and beading thread.

green Picasso superduos and 8/0' 15/0's...purple 3mm bicones...and an 8mm purple glass center bead

green Picasso superduos and 8/0’s…green 15/0’s…purple 3mm bicones…and an 8mm purple glass center bead

gold superduos and 8/0's...clear 15/0' 3mm bicones....and an 8 mm red glass center pearl

gold superduos and 8/0’s…clear 15/0’s…red 3mm bicones….and an 8 mm red glass center pearl

gold and rainbowy gold superduos... turquoise Picasso 8/0' 3mm 15/0's...and a peachish 6mm center glass pearl

gold and rainbowy gold superduos… turquoise Picasso 8/0’s…red 3mm bicones…gold 15/0’s…and a peachish 6mm center glass pearl

Yes, I am going to try again with some beading thread instead of the monofilament and I think that will cure the curls.


I pulled out the very first pair of fan earrings I had made tonight, took one apart, and redid it using the PROPER materials – 8/0 beads instead of 6/0s, a 6mm center bead instead of a 10mm, and beading thread instead of monofilament. All I can say is, WOW!

The old earring

The old earring

Reworked earring

Reworked earring

When I made these earrings I was pretty new to bead weaving and hadn’t even started using needle and thread yet. What a difference a few months of practice makes!

side by side

side by side

Two Types of Tila Bead Bracelets

red and green tila bracelets

This week I worked on two Tila bead bracelets. I did not have a pattern for either of them, I eyeballed a picture and copied! I have been nursing a horrible toothache all week (dentist appointment tomorrow, yay!) so it took me about five days to finish these….but I like them both, and especially the curvy greenish blue one!

green tila bracelet 3

The first bracelet used Miyuki Metallic Green Iris 5mm x 1.9mm Tila Beads that I had picked up on Amazon from Beadaholique. These Tilas are a bit smaller and somewhat opaque, but Amazon usually has a tube of approximately 64 to 86 beads for $2 to $4.

green tila bracelet 2

I used 3mm glass pearls in “pewter” from Auntie’s Beads, alternating with a seed bead mix of 10/0 beads in the color mix “mermaid” from Hobby Lobby.

green tila bracelet

The picture that I copied from is this Tila Curve Bracelet. If you concentrate, it’s not that hard at all.

green tila bracelet 4

red tila bracelet

The second bracelet used some better (and more expensive) Red Picasso 6mm Tila Beads
and two colors of SuperDuo beads, along with some gold 11/0 seed beads.

red tila bracelet 2

I have made something similar to this before, and I used this picture from Around the Beading Table to work from. Alas, since I didn’t have an actual pattern to work from, the bracelet is a bit wonky and uneven looking when laid out on the table, but when put on the wrist it looks fine. Moral of the story: if you are a perfectionist, or you plan to sell or give your stuff away as gifts, it definately pays to buy the pattern to work from.

a bit wonky, won't you agree?

a bit wonky, won’t you agree?