Gold Leaf and Alcohol Ink on Polymer Clay

gold leaf white 7

I attempted to make my own alcohol inks a few months ago with rubbing alcohol and Rit dye. It didn’t come out very well. So I finally bought myself a set of three Adirondack inks and got out my gold leaf and went to town.

gold leaf white 8

gold leaf white 11

gold leaf white 10

Okay so these triangles were inspired by this awesome pendant from Loco Lobo designs that has been haunting me since I first laid eyes on it a few weeks ago. I didn’t have the patience nor the proper clays to copy it completely, but I combined some of my sheet of gold leaf clay with some strips of mica shift clay with imprinted designs in it. It’s a first try….I haven’t even properly sanded them yet, but I think they are quite interesting!

gold leaf white 6

I have three colors of inks, and with the red section I cut out a few circles. They will become earrings and a necklace later today.

gold leaf white 3

This was the green and blue section of the clay. It is really quite easy to make these cool designs, here is a link to the process but it is just a matter of applying gold leaf to a sheet of polymer, adding drops of inks all over, and then after it dries run it through your pasta machine to get the crackles. Run it through both ways, as in run through the machine on a setting that is the same thickness as the sheet of clay, turn the clay 90 degrees, and then run through again.

gold leaf white 5

gold leaf white 4

Not sure what exactly I will make with these yet, but will post the finished product when done! So with the leftover sheet of clay with all the cutouts, I rolled it into a big ball and ran it back through the pasta machine. The final few pieces are mostly white with some swirls of gold leaf in them.

gold leaf white

gold leaf white 2

I LOVE this process of gold leaf and alcohol inks. I plan on getting some more colors of inks, and also to try and coat some pieces with epoxy resin which I think would make them really shine and pop!