karin at the beach 2-26-13w

This is me! My name is Karin, a/k/a the hippie freak. Why the hippiefreak? I’m not necessarily a big old hippie, and I definately don’t consider myself a freak. Back in the beginning days of the internet I somehow made my very first email account and ended up, after trying a bunch of other names that were already taken, with the name hippiefreak. To keep things easy, I began making ALL my accounts, across the whole big old web, hippiefreak. And now, some fifteen years later, on every single website I have every joined, I am the hippie freak. Oh well.

I am 42, and originally from the Jersey Shore. I am living in Saint Augustine, Florida – a really cool city, the oldest city in America, as a matter of fact! It’s also a college town (Flagler College), so the town is a mix of college kids, tourists, lots of awesome history, beach bums, super rich golf courses, the ghetto part of town, and everything in between. It’s a fun place to live, the downtown area is absolutely breathtaking, there are tons of events, miles of beaches, and all still with a small town feel. Boy, I should get a job as a tour guide!

I have a husband, Sean. He became disabled a few years ago and now just putters around the house – poor guy, I think he is slowly losing his mind sitting in this house all day long. I have two kids – my daughter Nicole is 22 and works as a “deposit operations specialist” for Prosperity Bank. She just moved back home after breaking off an engagement (the guy joined the Army and has been in South Korea for two years, I think she got tired of being alone). My son Sam is 21, lives with his girlfriend, and is kinda still finding himself, working menial jobs. But they are both pretty good kids… they don’t ask me for anything and they stay out of trouble and fend for themselves, so what more could I ask for? Oh, and my adult mentally disabled brother lives with us as well….after my dad died a few years ago, it got too much for my mom to care for him. And with my husband not being able to work, it actually worked out well for all of us, as he is a lifelong disability recipient. He has his issues – but for the most part he’s a good kid. All he wants is a hot meal at dinnertime, and his computer, and he’s happy.

Sam and Nicole being goofy

Sam and Nicole being goofy

I work at a small old timey market here in town. It’s like an old fashioned country store. We have a meat counter, a seafood counter, a deli, a large produce section, and then a bunch of grocery items, both ordinary (milk, eggs, pasta) and unique (datil pepper jelly, local honey, specialty imported olives, escargot). I run the website for the store, and I have a large local email mailing list (over 1200 people!) that I email my weekly ramblings of what’s new and what’s on sale. My boss is quite an ass, he’s lucky to have me. I run his store for him. For $11 an hour. He stays out drinking all day, every day. But don’t even get me started on that……

So I come home from work every day, which is 8 straight hours of extreme physical and mental exertion, and I bead. I resin. I polymer clay. It’s my sanity! I look forward all day to coming home and creating something. I sneak on my phone at work and check out pinterest to get ideas for what to do when I get home. I literally have bags and bags and boxes and boxes and tables and more tables FULL of jewelry that I have made. I keep saying I am going to start going to the local farmers markets and flea markets and start selling this stuff, but I never do. I have jewelry that matches every single article of clothing I own. I did go on Etsy last year, and I did sell a few things, but mostly I do it because I like to do it. And someday, If I could actually make a living (or at least money enough to PAY for all these beads!), then yay! But if not, oh well. I just like to bead!

So that’s me in a nutshell. I’m glad to be here on wordpress sharing my adventures in beading, and seeing what everyone else is doing!


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