Chan Luu Bracelets

chan luu bracelet 6

I love the look of Chan Luu bracelets. Most tutorials I have read use leather cord, but I happen to have a ton of suede cord so that’s what I went with. Walmart usually has packs of three colors of suede cord for two bucks.

chan luu bracelet

As far as what to use to wrap the beads and how to wrap them, there are quite a few different methods. This one from “Creating Laura” uses stretch cord. There are tutorials that use thread and wrap around the cord, but the easiest one I have found, and I can’t find the tutorial I used, involved using fireline (monofilament), doubled up so that you are working with two strands, and continually crossing through the beads all the way down to the end.

chan luu bracelet 3

chan luu bracelet 7

These bracelets are easiest finished by making a loop on one end, and then attaching a button to the other end. I am currently in search of some nice buttons to finish my bracelets with….I used some buttons I had on hand, but I will switch them out for nicer ones eventually.

chan luu bracelet 2

chan luu bracelet 9

Easy Peasy! Super quick and super cute.


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