“Outside the Box” knotted cord necklace

outside the box 9

I came across the Fall 2012 issue of Jewelry Stringing magazine in a drawer, and leafing through it one necklace struck me right away, it was a waxed linen cord necklace knotted with 7mm cubes and 8/0 seed beads.

outside the box 7

Here’s a photo of the page. I did not have any 7mm cubes, but I DO have a literal bag full of tubes of 4mm cubes, so that’s what I used. I think the bigger cubes would be lovely, though.

bead components

bead components

I used two colors of 4mm glass cubes, transparent emerald green and transparent frosted dark topaz. I used two colors of 8/0 seed beads, gold and a greenish turquoise Picasso. A small gold toggle clasp and some black waxed irish linen completed the ingredients list.

outside the box 7 (2)

All you do is cut two 80″ lengths of cord, tie one side to one half of the toggle clasp with an overhand knot, and then add one cube to one string, and 3 seed beads to the other string and knot again, every one inch. The magazine recommended alternating colors, and alternating which string you add the cubes to. You could totally make it your own by using more or less beads, different beads….it really seems like the variations would be endless.

outside the box 8

At the end tie on the other half of the clasp. The finished length of mine was 57″. Which came to my waist if left as is…so I doubled it up and made it a nice 28″ length which fell around the boob area. Double it up again and it makes a choker sized 14″ necklace.

doubled up, 28" length

doubled up, 28″ length

Quadruple wrapped 14" length necklace

Quadruple wrapped 14″ length necklace

I didn't count the number of wraps, but keep going to make a bracelet!

I didn’t count the number of wraps, but keep going to make a bracelet!

This was a really easy and fun stringing and knotting project. Honestly, how much easier can it get than this?


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