Beach Bracelet “Seychelles Style”

seychelles style 6

On an “interweave” binge of buying back issues of beading magazines, I bought something called Everyday Bracelets e-mag which is actually a pretty neat, interactive bead stringing magazine. And one of the bracelets shown immediately jumped out at me:

seychelles style bracelet

Here’s a screen shot of the page called “Sheychelle’s Style”. I knew I had all the ingredients, or at least comparable items to substitute.

the ingredients, minus the clasp and findings

the ingredients, minus the clasp and findings

I used some 6mm olive green wooden beads, and some 4mm stone beads (agate?). I had two clear 10mm acrylic beads, and some 4mm silver daisy spacers. I just received a bag of toggle clasps from Auntie’s Beads from a big toggle clasp – one day sale they had last week, and chose the only silver one in the bag, which is a dimpled wavy 27mm set. A Tibetan silver starfish charm and of course, some jump rings, bead crimps, wire and bead tips finished out the supply list.

seychelles style 3

I did a 3 strand bracelet, instead of the 4 strand shown in the magazine….honestly because I only cut 3 lengths of wire and put the wire away before realizing the picture had 4 strands. But I figured who cares. Two of the strands are 6mm beads and 4mm beads with spacers in between. The third strand is just 6mms and spacers.

seychelles style 2

The clasp is pretty darn big! I added a dangle made of the same beads, and a starfish charm to one side of the clasp.

seychelles style 5

seychelles style 4

All in all, it took about fifteen minutes to whip together. Which bothers me, because I really like to put a lot of time into a beaded piece, but I find that I really LIKE the simple strung pieces better. I don’t know, I feel like I’m cheating when something is really easy.

Now the only question is: do I wear the bracelet clasp side out, or bead side out?

P.S. Yikes! I need to stop taking pictures in my bathroom, at night, with my cell phone.


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