Fan Earrings

fan earrings 6

I have been stalking the beautiful tutorials of Ellad2 for quite some time now, and decided to purchase one for a lovely pair of fan earrings.

fan earrings

They are actually quite easy to make, the base is made of 8/0 seeds and superduo beads. My problem was, I only had 6/0 beads, which kinda threw everything off.

fan earrings 3

After making the inner loop, you then add rows of 15/0 seeds inside.

fan earrings 5

Her instructions called for a 6mm center bead, but as my dimensions were all off by substituting 6/0 for 8/0, I ended up using a bigger center bead.

fan earrings 8

The fans are made with some 3mm bicones. The earrings are lovely, and I immediately ordered a bunch of 8/0 seeds so that I can make them PROPERLY. The fans tended to curl up instead of laying flat, which I think will be remedied when I use the correct size beads.

fan earrings 9

I couldn’t wait for the new beads to come, so I made a second set in green and gold. I HIGHLY recommend any tutorials from Ellad2, they are super cute, and have very clear instructions and pictures to guide you along. There’s even a few “freebie” tutorials hidden on the site as well!


Okay so my beads all came, and now I have proper 8/0’s and all sorts of new colors of superduos. But guess what? They are still curling up at the ends.

fan earrings trio

But I think I know the culprit – the monofilament. I need to be using a needle and beading thread.

green Picasso superduos and 8/0' 15/0's...purple 3mm bicones...and an 8mm purple glass center bead

green Picasso superduos and 8/0’s…green 15/0’s…purple 3mm bicones…and an 8mm purple glass center bead

gold superduos and 8/0's...clear 15/0' 3mm bicones....and an 8 mm red glass center pearl

gold superduos and 8/0’s…clear 15/0’s…red 3mm bicones….and an 8 mm red glass center pearl

gold and rainbowy gold superduos... turquoise Picasso 8/0' 3mm 15/0's...and a peachish 6mm center glass pearl

gold and rainbowy gold superduos… turquoise Picasso 8/0’s…red 3mm bicones…gold 15/0’s…and a peachish 6mm center glass pearl

Yes, I am going to try again with some beading thread instead of the monofilament and I think that will cure the curls.


I pulled out the very first pair of fan earrings I had made tonight, took one apart, and redid it using the PROPER materials – 8/0 beads instead of 6/0s, a 6mm center bead instead of a 10mm, and beading thread instead of monofilament. All I can say is, WOW!

The old earring

The old earring

Reworked earring

Reworked earring

When I made these earrings I was pretty new to bead weaving and hadn’t even started using needle and thread yet. What a difference a few months of practice makes!

side by side

side by side


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