Easy Netted Bezel

nail polish bezels 4

I have absolutely no luck with bezels. I have tried, and tried, and tried again to bead around a bezel and it never, ever works out for me. So when I saw instructions for an “easy beaded bezel” with results guaranteed in 30 minutes, I figured why not give it a shot. And it worked! It worked!

nail polish bezels 5

The instructions came in an email from Beading Daily titled “How to Bead an Easy Netted Bezel” and it used 2 colors of 11/0, 10 4mm beads, and 20 3mm beads. The bezel size recommended was a 30mm by 40mm, but can be adjusted for different sizes.

nail polish bezels 3

The bezel I chose to use was a glass round that I painted with glitter nail polish. The glass rounds were bought at the dollar store, a bag of about 25 for a buck. The glitter nail polishes were on sale at Walmart for about 2 bucks each.


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