Chan Luu Bracelets

chan luu bracelet 6

I love the look of Chan Luu bracelets. Most tutorials I have read use leather cord, but I happen to have a ton of suede cord so that’s what I went with. Walmart usually has packs of three colors of suede cord for two bucks.

chan luu bracelet

As far as what to use to wrap the beads and how to wrap them, there are quite a few different methods. This one from “Creating Laura” uses stretch cord. There are tutorials that use thread and wrap around the cord, but the easiest one I have found, and I can’t find the tutorial I used, involved using fireline (monofilament), doubled up so that you are working with two strands, and continually crossing through the beads all the way down to the end.

chan luu bracelet 3

chan luu bracelet 7

These bracelets are easiest finished by making a loop on one end, and then attaching a button to the other end. I am currently in search of some nice buttons to finish my bracelets with….I used some buttons I had on hand, but I will switch them out for nicer ones eventually.

chan luu bracelet 2

chan luu bracelet 9

Easy Peasy! Super quick and super cute.


Crysanthemum Cane Polymer Heart Pendant Necklace

crysanthemum cane 11

I have SOOO many polymer clay canes in my fridge….I first came across canes on EBay a year or so ago, and I was intrigued. How do they do it? I ordered two and studied them when they came, then set to practicing. My first ones were silly looking indeed. And I still can’t make super detailed ones, or even really good flowers. But I have learned you really can’t mess up an abstract cane.

crysanthemum cane

So I came upon this tute for a translucent chrysanthemum cane from PC Polyzine and even though I said I am not making any more canes until I use up some of the ones I already have, I made it anyway.

crysanthemum cane 4

It was actually too easy, and literally took about five minutes. It’s a strip of white, a strip of pearl, a strip of any color translucent (I used translucent red), and then a bunch of scraps torn into little pieces and pressed all over the stack of strips. Roll it up jellyroll style, and the log is then pierced halfway through eight times with a credit card to distort. And voila! That’s it!

crysanthemum cane 6

I made two hearts, as shown in the tutorial, with scrap clay as the centers. I made four beads, too….by covering some wooden beads with slices of cane. And sigh, I still have about 3/4 of the cane left to add to my stash of canes. They have taken over BOTH butter dish spots on my refrigerator door.

ingredients:   silver 11/0 seeds, silver 4mm bicones, pink 6mm crystal rondelles.

ingredients: silver 11/0 seeds, silver 4mm bicones, pink 6mm crystal rondelles.

crysanthemum cane 8

I actually wanted to use silver chain to make this necklace, but I can’t find any! Holy Smokes! An excuse to go bead shopping. So I did the next best thing: tiny silver seed beads. I will save the other heart and beads for another necklace later.

crysanthemum cane 10

“Outside the Box” knotted cord necklace

outside the box 9

I came across the Fall 2012 issue of Jewelry Stringing magazine in a drawer, and leafing through it one necklace struck me right away, it was a waxed linen cord necklace knotted with 7mm cubes and 8/0 seed beads.

outside the box 7

Here’s a photo of the page. I did not have any 7mm cubes, but I DO have a literal bag full of tubes of 4mm cubes, so that’s what I used. I think the bigger cubes would be lovely, though.

bead components

bead components

I used two colors of 4mm glass cubes, transparent emerald green and transparent frosted dark topaz. I used two colors of 8/0 seed beads, gold and a greenish turquoise Picasso. A small gold toggle clasp and some black waxed irish linen completed the ingredients list.

outside the box 7 (2)

All you do is cut two 80″ lengths of cord, tie one side to one half of the toggle clasp with an overhand knot, and then add one cube to one string, and 3 seed beads to the other string and knot again, every one inch. The magazine recommended alternating colors, and alternating which string you add the cubes to. You could totally make it your own by using more or less beads, different beads….it really seems like the variations would be endless.

outside the box 8

At the end tie on the other half of the clasp. The finished length of mine was 57″. Which came to my waist if left as is…so I doubled it up and made it a nice 28″ length which fell around the boob area. Double it up again and it makes a choker sized 14″ necklace.

doubled up, 28" length

doubled up, 28″ length

Quadruple wrapped 14" length necklace

Quadruple wrapped 14″ length necklace

I didn't count the number of wraps, but keep going to make a bracelet!

I didn’t count the number of wraps, but keep going to make a bracelet!

This was a really easy and fun stringing and knotting project. Honestly, how much easier can it get than this?

Beach Bracelet “Seychelles Style”

seychelles style 6

On an “interweave” binge of buying back issues of beading magazines, I bought something called Everyday Bracelets e-mag which is actually a pretty neat, interactive bead stringing magazine. And one of the bracelets shown immediately jumped out at me:

seychelles style bracelet

Here’s a screen shot of the page called “Sheychelle’s Style”. I knew I had all the ingredients, or at least comparable items to substitute.

the ingredients, minus the clasp and findings

the ingredients, minus the clasp and findings

I used some 6mm olive green wooden beads, and some 4mm stone beads (agate?). I had two clear 10mm acrylic beads, and some 4mm silver daisy spacers. I just received a bag of toggle clasps from Auntie’s Beads from a big toggle clasp – one day sale they had last week, and chose the only silver one in the bag, which is a dimpled wavy 27mm set. A Tibetan silver starfish charm and of course, some jump rings, bead crimps, wire and bead tips finished out the supply list.

seychelles style 3

I did a 3 strand bracelet, instead of the 4 strand shown in the magazine….honestly because I only cut 3 lengths of wire and put the wire away before realizing the picture had 4 strands. But I figured who cares. Two of the strands are 6mm beads and 4mm beads with spacers in between. The third strand is just 6mms and spacers.

seychelles style 2

The clasp is pretty darn big! I added a dangle made of the same beads, and a starfish charm to one side of the clasp.

seychelles style 5

seychelles style 4

All in all, it took about fifteen minutes to whip together. Which bothers me, because I really like to put a lot of time into a beaded piece, but I find that I really LIKE the simple strung pieces better. I don’t know, I feel like I’m cheating when something is really easy.

Now the only question is: do I wear the bracelet clasp side out, or bead side out?

P.S. Yikes! I need to stop taking pictures in my bathroom, at night, with my cell phone.

Fan Earrings

fan earrings 6

I have been stalking the beautiful tutorials of Ellad2 for quite some time now, and decided to purchase one for a lovely pair of fan earrings.

fan earrings

They are actually quite easy to make, the base is made of 8/0 seeds and superduo beads. My problem was, I only had 6/0 beads, which kinda threw everything off.

fan earrings 3

After making the inner loop, you then add rows of 15/0 seeds inside.

fan earrings 5

Her instructions called for a 6mm center bead, but as my dimensions were all off by substituting 6/0 for 8/0, I ended up using a bigger center bead.

fan earrings 8

The fans are made with some 3mm bicones. The earrings are lovely, and I immediately ordered a bunch of 8/0 seeds so that I can make them PROPERLY. The fans tended to curl up instead of laying flat, which I think will be remedied when I use the correct size beads.

fan earrings 9

I couldn’t wait for the new beads to come, so I made a second set in green and gold. I HIGHLY recommend any tutorials from Ellad2, they are super cute, and have very clear instructions and pictures to guide you along. There’s even a few “freebie” tutorials hidden on the site as well!


Okay so my beads all came, and now I have proper 8/0’s and all sorts of new colors of superduos. But guess what? They are still curling up at the ends.

fan earrings trio

But I think I know the culprit – the monofilament. I need to be using a needle and beading thread.

green Picasso superduos and 8/0' 15/0's...purple 3mm bicones...and an 8mm purple glass center bead

green Picasso superduos and 8/0’s…green 15/0’s…purple 3mm bicones…and an 8mm purple glass center bead

gold superduos and 8/0's...clear 15/0' 3mm bicones....and an 8 mm red glass center pearl

gold superduos and 8/0’s…clear 15/0’s…red 3mm bicones….and an 8 mm red glass center pearl

gold and rainbowy gold superduos... turquoise Picasso 8/0' 3mm 15/0's...and a peachish 6mm center glass pearl

gold and rainbowy gold superduos… turquoise Picasso 8/0’s…red 3mm bicones…gold 15/0’s…and a peachish 6mm center glass pearl

Yes, I am going to try again with some beading thread instead of the monofilament and I think that will cure the curls.


I pulled out the very first pair of fan earrings I had made tonight, took one apart, and redid it using the PROPER materials – 8/0 beads instead of 6/0s, a 6mm center bead instead of a 10mm, and beading thread instead of monofilament. All I can say is, WOW!

The old earring

The old earring

Reworked earring

Reworked earring

When I made these earrings I was pretty new to bead weaving and hadn’t even started using needle and thread yet. What a difference a few months of practice makes!

side by side

side by side

Easy Netted Bezel

nail polish bezels 4

I have absolutely no luck with bezels. I have tried, and tried, and tried again to bead around a bezel and it never, ever works out for me. So when I saw instructions for an “easy beaded bezel” with results guaranteed in 30 minutes, I figured why not give it a shot. And it worked! It worked!

nail polish bezels 5

The instructions came in an email from Beading Daily titled “How to Bead an Easy Netted Bezel” and it used 2 colors of 11/0, 10 4mm beads, and 20 3mm beads. The bezel size recommended was a 30mm by 40mm, but can be adjusted for different sizes.

nail polish bezels 3

The bezel I chose to use was a glass round that I painted with glitter nail polish. The glass rounds were bought at the dollar store, a bag of about 25 for a buck. The glitter nail polishes were on sale at Walmart for about 2 bucks each.