Knotted Wax Cord Beaded Bracelets

knotted wax cord 4

I bought a package of black waxed cord last week, I think I had earlier seen something I wanted to make and waxed cord was involved. So it was in my head when I saw it at Hobby Lobby that I NEEDED it. But damn if I couldn’t figure out what I had wanted it for. So after a bit of googling, I came upon this video from Beadaholique and off I went.

knotted wax cord 7

knotted wax cord 6

The first bracelet I attempted to make used some greenish blue 6/0 seed beads. It is very easy, mindless work that you can do while watching TV. The video shows the project as a double wrapped bracelet – but I guess I missed the part where they SAID they are only going to show you how to make a single wrap. So I cut the lengths of cord to their specs and off I went….I started to get real close to the end of my cords and thought “this doesn’t look right” – so when I removed all the tape I had holding it down I realized it was WAY too long for a single wrap and WAY too short for a double wrap. Sigh. So it was turned into an ankle bracelet, and even that is a tad too big, but oh well. I need to pay more attention, I guess.

knotted wax cord 5

I had so little cord left that I could only muster out a loop to hold a small bead as the closure.

knotted wax cord 3

This time I was prepared! I cut a whole, whole lotta cord and ended up doing a triple wrap! I also used a package of cube beads since I have so many (thanks to an AMAZON sale last year) and because they are uniform in size. I LOVE the way the cube beads came out. And this one worked up so much quicker than the seed bead one. I used the miyuki seed bead mix “Melonberry” (and as I just clicked over to Amazon to check the color I used, I notice that they are on sale again – 84 cents for a whole tube. Higher Power, give me the strength to stay off of Amazon tonight….)

knotted wax cord

knotted wax cord 2

I had enough cord to actually use a button on this one, although I would have liked a more compatible colored button. But these bracelets are so easy to make, and I think they would sell easily if I ever get myself in gear to go sell stuff. So my next goal is to stock up on different colors of waxed cords, and buttons!

Here are a few more color assortments:

green, white and black on black cord

green, white and black on black cord

multicolor mix on black cord

multicolor mix on black cord

frosted greenish blue and white on black cord

frosted greenish blue and white on black cord

pastel multicolor mix on white cord

pastel multicolor mix on white cord

a whole bunch of bracelets!

a whole bunch of bracelets!


1 thought on “Knotted Wax Cord Beaded Bracelets

  1. Very cool technique – I just tried a few leather wrap & cord beaded bracelets, so of course, I have ten times more waxed cord than I ever needed 🙂 AND, much like you, I am a sucker for seed bead deals (even though I don’t use them that much).
    I’ll have to give this a try with some of the funky square ones I bought and realized I had no idea what to do with them – haahah.

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