St. Petersburg Tila Bead V-Shaped Necklace

st pete tila necklace 3

I found this necklace that was entitled “Sleek in Silver” in a back issue of Beadwork magazine. I ordered FIFTY digital issues a couple of weeks ago when they were running a special for like 30 bucks off if you spend 50. Or something like that, all I know is I spent a bit over twenty dollars and I am ROLLING in digital issues of Beadwork, Step by Step Wire, Bead & Button, etc.

st pete tila necklace 6

Anyhoo, this was a St. Petersburg stitch using Tila beads, 8/0 seeds, and 11/0 seeds. I was supposed to have top drilled briolettes for the dangles, but all I could find was some glass leaf beads so I went with them.

st pete tila necklace 4

This necklace involved making 31 sets of stitches based around a tila bead, and then rounds 32, 34, and 36 each have a dangle. Times two…..the two straps of the necklace. The straps are then combined with a little triangle of 3-2-1 tila beads with 3 more dangles.

st pete tila necklace 5

st pete tila necklace 2

I had ALOT of fun making this one. I enjoy St. Petersburg stitch, and I especially enjoyed it with the tila beads. It didn’t involve a lot of thought, and no complicated maneuvers….it was a breeze to make. I made screenshots of the three pages of instructions I used, as I am not the most tech savvy person, and my attempted upload to scribd failed.

sleek in silver 1

sleek in silver 2

sleek in silver 3

And here I am modeling the lovely V shaped St. Petersburg stitch leaf dangle necklace!

st pete tila necklace

UPDATE: I made a half necklace of the St. Petersburg Tila beads and used some black chain for the rest.

st pete half tila necklace

I ordered some “good” beads from Fusion Beads, including the 6mm Emerald green Tila beads and the 16 mm black Daggers in this necklace. All I can say is wow, it is so nice using higher quality beads than the less expensive ones. Fusion beads sells by the bead, so I only had 50 of these Tilas, thus the idea for the half necklace.

st pete tila half necklace 3

The only problem I have with this necklace is the daggers do not hang properly. This is the first time I have worked with dagger beads, so I’m not sure if I need to leave more slack when stringing them or what. I may end up taking this apart and re-doing, because those darn daggers stick out all the wrong ways and I have to manually straighten them out – and then walk like a model with a book on my head so they don’t move. Not very practical!


Knotted Wax Cord Beaded Bracelets

knotted wax cord 4

I bought a package of black waxed cord last week, I think I had earlier seen something I wanted to make and waxed cord was involved. So it was in my head when I saw it at Hobby Lobby that I NEEDED it. But damn if I couldn’t figure out what I had wanted it for. So after a bit of googling, I came upon this video from Beadaholique and off I went.

knotted wax cord 7

knotted wax cord 6

The first bracelet I attempted to make used some greenish blue 6/0 seed beads. It is very easy, mindless work that you can do while watching TV. The video shows the project as a double wrapped bracelet – but I guess I missed the part where they SAID they are only going to show you how to make a single wrap. So I cut the lengths of cord to their specs and off I went….I started to get real close to the end of my cords and thought “this doesn’t look right” – so when I removed all the tape I had holding it down I realized it was WAY too long for a single wrap and WAY too short for a double wrap. Sigh. So it was turned into an ankle bracelet, and even that is a tad too big, but oh well. I need to pay more attention, I guess.

knotted wax cord 5

I had so little cord left that I could only muster out a loop to hold a small bead as the closure.

knotted wax cord 3

This time I was prepared! I cut a whole, whole lotta cord and ended up doing a triple wrap! I also used a package of cube beads since I have so many (thanks to an AMAZON sale last year) and because they are uniform in size. I LOVE the way the cube beads came out. And this one worked up so much quicker than the seed bead one. I used the miyuki seed bead mix “Melonberry” (and as I just clicked over to Amazon to check the color I used, I notice that they are on sale again – 84 cents for a whole tube. Higher Power, give me the strength to stay off of Amazon tonight….)

knotted wax cord

knotted wax cord 2

I had enough cord to actually use a button on this one, although I would have liked a more compatible colored button. But these bracelets are so easy to make, and I think they would sell easily if I ever get myself in gear to go sell stuff. So my next goal is to stock up on different colors of waxed cords, and buttons!

Here are a few more color assortments:

green, white and black on black cord

green, white and black on black cord

multicolor mix on black cord

multicolor mix on black cord

frosted greenish blue and white on black cord

frosted greenish blue and white on black cord

pastel multicolor mix on white cord

pastel multicolor mix on white cord

a whole bunch of bracelets!

a whole bunch of bracelets!

Polymer Leaf Pendants

leaf pendants 8

I came across a picture tutorial for making leaf impressions in polymer clay yesterday, so I went out in my yard to see if I could find some leaves with veins to give it a go. Being in Florida, I have some strange trees in my yard, not the lovely oaks and maples that I was used to growing up in New Jersey. But I found a few that would do the trick:

add detail to outline with a toothpick

add detail to outline with a toothpick

So I rolled out some green clay, laid the leaves on it and rolled with the brayer. After rolling you then have to use a tool (I used a toothpick) to go over the veins as they do not come out very deep. The major outline of the leaves was easy, but I used quite a bit of artistic liberty in making the inner details. Hard for me as I do NOT consider myself an artistic sort in any way, but they came out okay. I tried adding some pearl colored pearl-ex powder first, but did not like how light the contrast was.

adding pearl-ex powder to the leaf impression

adding pearl-ex powder to the leaf impression

I put copper pearl-ex powder on one before baking, and the other I left alone as I wanted to try adding some paint to it. I used some 6/0 copper seed beads for the holes. Then I baked.

black acrylic paint applied and sponged off

black acrylic paint applied and sponged off

copper pearl-ex powder on this one

copper pearl-ex powder on this one

After baking and coloring, before applying resin

After baking and coloring, before applying resin

So I finished them off by applying a coat of epoxy resin to them. The big square one is, well pretty big! But you can clearly see the leaf. The smaller round one came out kinda looking like a tree, so I will from here on think of it as a tree pendant.

finished, resined square leaf pendant

finished, resined square leaf pendant

finished, resined round tree pendant

finished, resined round tree pendant

a view just to show how shiny and glossy the resin makes it.

a view just to show how shiny and glossy the resin makes it.

I had a lot of fun making these, and I will be keeping my eye out for some smaller veiny leaves to make some pendants a bit smaller than these.

UPDATE: I ended up stringing the big square pendant on some copper wire, I figured the pendant is so big maybe I can even it out by stringing it on a thin cord. I added some green miracle beads and brown mother of pearl squares to each side for some extra flavor.

leaf pendant necklace

still pretty darn big.  I haven't found the top that supports wearing this necklace yet......

still pretty darn big. I haven’t found the top that supports wearing this necklace yet……

Beads and Flowers from one Polymer Clay Cane

pink flower cane

It all started with this cane, which is just a skinner jelly roll of white and pinks, and pinched into a sort of petal shape. I followed this tutorial for a polymer flower and used two sizes of the cane, larger petals for the outer part, and smaller petals for the inside.

pink flower cane 2

Use the old “bend the eye pin” trick so that it will not slide out of your finished work.

pink flower cane 3

Start adding petals to a circle of pink on top of your green base. My flower has WAY less petals than the tutorial flower! That’s par for the course….I am very impatient. My first flower came out so pretty! But HUGE! I mean absolutely huge, like what am going to do with THIS??

pink flowercane  6

I also broke off a petal and glued it back on. Oh well, another refrigerator magnet! Or……

flower candle

attach it to an electric candle! I bought this candle at Big Lots last week, intending to maybe polymer clay cane it, but when I got it home it turns out it is made of wax! So applying cane slices and baking is pretty much out, I suppose. So voila! Big Flower finds a home!

I did make a second, smaller flower and put it on a cord and wore it to work.

pink flower cane necklace

So I had a bunch of cane left, and decided to turn it into an actual flower cane.

pink flower cane 8

I like to cover wood beads with cane slices. Besides saving on clay, they are guaranteed same size and the hole is already taken care of. I found out the hard way that you need to use wood beads that are finished in some way; unfinished raw wood beads makes the clay blister. I buy painted wood beads from DC&C Crafts, packages of 80 beads for $1.50 and they work beautifully with polymer clay.

pink flower cane 7

I made two sizes of flowers on my beads, and then strung them with colored wooden beads for some bracelets.

pink flower cane 11

pink flower cane 10

pink flower cane 9

So two projects, one cane. And I still have about four inches of cane left over!

Gold Leaf and Alcohol Ink on Polymer Clay

gold leaf white 7

I attempted to make my own alcohol inks a few months ago with rubbing alcohol and Rit dye. It didn’t come out very well. So I finally bought myself a set of three Adirondack inks and got out my gold leaf and went to town.

gold leaf white 8

gold leaf white 11

gold leaf white 10

Okay so these triangles were inspired by this awesome pendant from Loco Lobo designs that has been haunting me since I first laid eyes on it a few weeks ago. I didn’t have the patience nor the proper clays to copy it completely, but I combined some of my sheet of gold leaf clay with some strips of mica shift clay with imprinted designs in it. It’s a first try….I haven’t even properly sanded them yet, but I think they are quite interesting!

gold leaf white 6

I have three colors of inks, and with the red section I cut out a few circles. They will become earrings and a necklace later today.

gold leaf white 3

This was the green and blue section of the clay. It is really quite easy to make these cool designs, here is a link to the process but it is just a matter of applying gold leaf to a sheet of polymer, adding drops of inks all over, and then after it dries run it through your pasta machine to get the crackles. Run it through both ways, as in run through the machine on a setting that is the same thickness as the sheet of clay, turn the clay 90 degrees, and then run through again.

gold leaf white 5

gold leaf white 4

Not sure what exactly I will make with these yet, but will post the finished product when done! So with the leftover sheet of clay with all the cutouts, I rolled it into a big ball and ran it back through the pasta machine. The final few pieces are mostly white with some swirls of gold leaf in them.

gold leaf white

gold leaf white 2

I LOVE this process of gold leaf and alcohol inks. I plan on getting some more colors of inks, and also to try and coat some pieces with epoxy resin which I think would make them really shine and pop!