Miracle Bead Owl Necklace

pink owl necklace

I ordered some bronze colored owl links, circle links, chain, and jump rings from an online vendor a few weeks ago. They have all been patiently sitting on my dresser since they arrived, waiting for an idea to come to me, and as soon as I saw this link on my Pinterest page from a few weeks ago, I knew I had the right project!

I have linked to my pinterest post, and not the website it is from which is the Best Buy Beads idea page, because you really have to do alot of scrolling on that page to get to this particular necklace.

pink owl necklace 4

Continuing on my obsession with these miracle beads this week, I wire loop wrapped four 10mms, ten 6mms, and nine 4mms with a loop on both sides, all while watching the Sopranos on HBO tonight. Then made four sets of bead chains, with a 4-6-10-6-4 mm bead combo. The leftover 4mm and two 6mms I connected together, and instead of adding a 10mm like the picture I was copying, I added the owl link.

pink owl necklace 5

Since the owl was a LINK and not a PENDANT I had to add a dangle of two more beads on a head pin to the bottom loop.

pink owl necklace 2

pink owl necklace 3

My only issue that I have with this necklace (and I find that I have issues with 100% of the things I make for some reason!) is that the top two bead chains are pretty high up, like maybe too high up on my neck? I don’t know. I need to start measuring my necklaces. I have charts of “correct” necklace lengths, and I always end up just winging it, holding it up to myself and seeing if I like it shorter or longer. Do you think the standard lengths for necklaces should be adhered to, or can you just eyeball something you are making?

pink owl necklace 6

Woot Woot! Cleavage shot! Ha Ha, I was in my pj’s and threw on a shirt just to take a picture of this necklace to post.


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