Two Ankle Bracelets

toe ankle bracelet 2

The anklet in action!

The anklet in action!

Going on a cruise to the Bahamas in TEN days, and as I envision myself frolicking on white sandy beaches and toeing crystal blue water, I made two ankle bracelets this week! Let me add here that cruises to the Bahamas are SO much fun, and SO inexpensive if you go at the right time of the year. Five day cruise, leaving from a port about half an hour from my house, $199! How can you beat that?

Anyway, the first ankle bracelet I made was to go with this CRAZY shirt that I found at the local thrift shop a few weeks ago. I can’t see myself ever wearing this shirt EXCEPT on a cruise to the Bahamas. If you have ever been there, you know the big thing is having your hair braided and beaded….and this crazy shirt reminded me of exactly that!

yellow bead shirt 2

yellow bead shirt

This anklet was super easy to make, and used up some somewhat “teenage girly” pony beads that I happened to find in one of my bead boxes. It involved looping some thin wire around the beads, the tutorial is here on the website “Fave Crafts”.

pony bead anklet

The second one is a fancier toe ring anklet that I winged by looking at the ones for sale on this website called “Lady Beads”. It was pretty easy, just a loop around the toe made of silver seed beads, a string of some pretty and very sparkly silver beads and some round mother of pearl disks up to the ankle, and then a loop for the ankle made of seeds and sparkly beads.

toe ankle bracelet 4

toe ankle bracelet 3

toe ankle bracelet 5

This anklet involved some tinkering to fit exactly from my toe to my ankle and then around my ankle. So it may be hard to make for someone other than yourself? But it took me literally about half an hour to make, and I think it is super pretty. Not sure how well it will hold up in the ocean, but I guess we will find out!

toe ankle bracelet

Hooray for summer and beach weather coming!


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