Wednesday Beading Project – Beaded Ring “Boticelli”

blue and gray ring 5

I don’t make alot of beaded rings. My goal is to get into wire working, and THEN I am going to make crazy rings! My husband actually tried to surprise me a few weeks ago and bought me about a hundred dollars worth of stuff from Home Depot, he happened to be in there with his friend, and it was all “for my crafting”! He was so excited about it, unfortunately, and I felt like quite an ass for returning it all, it was all this Martha Stewart painting supply stuff. I don’t paint. But I was all jazzed up thinking I was going to get a bunch of wire and wireworking stuff in exchange! Finally! But no….I couldn’t find a single thing in there except a dollars worth of metal washers.

But I digress….I rarely make beaded rings because they’re so….bulky? And this ring is absolutely, 100% no exception! It’s HUGE!

wow, that's an awfully, er, big ring ya got there!

wow, that’s an awfully, er, big ring ya got there!

On my Pinterest page today there was a link to a french? website called well, I’m not sure what it’s called as my high school french has failed me miserably but it had a ring on there called Bague Boticelli which looked do-able, so I gave it a shot!

blue and gray ring 2

blue and gray ring 4

The schematic called for one one 8mm bead, two 6mm, eight 5mms, and twelve 3mms, along with some seed beads. In actuality, the 11/0 seed beads I used were about exactly the same size and color as the 3mms I used, so that was kinda silly. You can’t even tell them apart. But I made this ring in under an hour, and it used up some of my round beads that I am swimming in over here.

blue and gray ring 3

I put it on and showed hubby and asked how he liked? And the response was “ummmm……” never a good sign, ha ha. He suggested next time maybe I should use smaller beads? And I tend to agree…but it was a fun, quick project all told.

Edit: I made a much smaller ring today, and I like it a whole lot better!

small boticelli ring 2

I used a 6mm instead of the 8mm, 4mms instead of the 5 and 6mms, and did away with the 3mms altogether and just used 11/0 and 15/0 seeds.

what a difference a few mm's make!

what a difference a few mm’s make!

As you can see, the size difference is significant. I feel alot more comfortable wearing this smaller ring than the larger one.

small boticelli ring


I wore the big ring to work today. I had used two of the “miracle beads” in the bigger ring, the light blue ones on either side of the focal bead. And all day they mezmerized me, every time the light hit them right. So in this smaller ring, I used ALL miracle beads, except for the seeds of course.


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Beading Project – Beaded Ring “Boticelli”

  1. Neat rings! Home Depot does have copper wire that you can use for wire work (you can see my blog for a few examples). Most of my wire is from the craft store though. And once you really get into it, buy your wire online in bulk. Btw, I love Botticelli. Thanks for posting these.

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