A Pair of “Beads Magic” Necklaces

Incanto Necklace 5bilberry necklace

Ahh, the website Beads Magic. If you have never been, it is full of literally hundreds of patterns of mostly seed and small bead jewelry, from the simple to the intricate. While I prefer to wear the jewelry I make from polymer pendants, or resin molds, or bigger beaded things, I find myself liking to work on seed bead projects. I’m not sure why, I just feel a greater sense of accomplishment when finishing a bead weaving project….even though I personally feel like the pieces look more homemade, which may or may not be a bad thing, and generally are not my individual style.

That being said, I banged out two necklaces this week from the Beads Magic website, one to match a shirt I have, and the other to match a dress!

Incanto necklace 3

The first necklace is entitled Incanto. I recently bought a huge stash of pearl beads, and this project used 8mm, 6mm and seed beads.

Incanto necklace 2

Incanto necklace 4

Besides using up some of my pearls, I matched this necklace to this very pretty shirt that my Mom sent me for Christmas!

bilberry necklace 2

The second necklace is called Bilberry. It used 4mm, 6 or 7mms, and seed beads.

bilberry necklace 3

Both of these necklaces worked up rather quickly, and satisfied my yen for seed beading.


One thought on “A Pair of “Beads Magic” Necklaces

  1. Anytime you can use a variety of sizes of seed beads with pearls and have such lovelies as a result, it’s SOOOOO GOOD! Thank you for sharing the creations!

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