Miyuki Drop Bead Embellished Bracelet

tuxedo fringe bracelet 5

I love right angle weave, because it’s so darn easy. I bead every night when I get home from work to de-stress. And with RAW, you can mindlessly bead and watch TV (kinda!) at the same time. So I made a double strip of RAW out of 11/0 seed beads, and wanted to embellish it with something. I messed around with different sizes and shapes, and came across a bag of 3.4mm Miyuki drop beads, in the color mix “Tuxedo”.

embellishing the base with drop beads

embellishing the base with drop beads

All that was involved in the embellishment was inserting line into the base so that one half of the line came out of either side. Then I strung a drop, an 11/0 seed, a drop, and a seed on each line and criss crossed them to the opposite sides. Move up one bead and continue all the way to the end.

the view from the inside

the view from the inside

I try and make bracelets with an adjustable clasp, i.e. with either a small length of chain or five jump rings connected so that the wearer can choose which link to use to connect the clasp. I also usually add a small dangle to the end of the chain that includes some of the beads from the bracelet. Just for added fun!

tuxedo fringe bracelet 3

So all in all this bracelet only took a few mindless hours and a handful of seed beads and drop beads.


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