Beaded Bead Necklace

beaded bead necklace 4

This is a simple necklace to make, and the color variations are limitless. I ran across this schematic with 3 color variations pictured and it looked so simple that I gave it a go.

All you do is string eight 6/0 seed beads into a circle, and then add on two or three more circles by using 2 beads from the last circle and six new beads, so that you have three or four connected circles of eight beads each. The reason I say to make three OR four circles is because the schematic calls for three, and I accidentally made four, but mine came out perfectly fine anyway. Let me apologize in advance for these very dimly lit, poorly shot photos.

make a chain of three or four circles of eight beads each

make a chain of three or four circles of eight beads each

Add a contrasting colored bead to the center of each circle.

or could also make these one solid color if you wanted to!

or not….you could also make these one solid color if you wanted to!

Join the two ends together by adding two beads, then go thru the first two beads of the chain. Add two more beads and go thru the last two beads of the chain. That makes your last circle of eight, which will give you either four or five total circles that will now be a big holed beaded bead!

join the two ends together and then add a final center bead.

join the two ends together and then add a final center bead.

The original necklace looks like it was strung onto black rubber tubing, which I do not have. I used a thinner black rubber cord. The only beads that I could find on a quick go thru of my stash that had big enough holes for this rubber cord were these turquoise and black striped ones. I’m not sure if I like them with the color wheel colors or not, still deciding.

beaded bead necklace 5

All in all, each one of these six beads took about fifteen minutes to make.


Miracle Bead Owl Necklace

pink owl necklace

I ordered some bronze colored owl links, circle links, chain, and jump rings from an online vendor a few weeks ago. They have all been patiently sitting on my dresser since they arrived, waiting for an idea to come to me, and as soon as I saw this link on my Pinterest page from a few weeks ago, I knew I had the right project!

I have linked to my pinterest post, and not the website it is from which is the Best Buy Beads idea page, because you really have to do alot of scrolling on that page to get to this particular necklace.

pink owl necklace 4

Continuing on my obsession with these miracle beads this week, I wire loop wrapped four 10mms, ten 6mms, and nine 4mms with a loop on both sides, all while watching the Sopranos on HBO tonight. Then made four sets of bead chains, with a 4-6-10-6-4 mm bead combo. The leftover 4mm and two 6mms I connected together, and instead of adding a 10mm like the picture I was copying, I added the owl link.

pink owl necklace 5

Since the owl was a LINK and not a PENDANT I had to add a dangle of two more beads on a head pin to the bottom loop.

pink owl necklace 2

pink owl necklace 3

My only issue that I have with this necklace (and I find that I have issues with 100% of the things I make for some reason!) is that the top two bead chains are pretty high up, like maybe too high up on my neck? I don’t know. I need to start measuring my necklaces. I have charts of “correct” necklace lengths, and I always end up just winging it, holding it up to myself and seeing if I like it shorter or longer. Do you think the standard lengths for necklaces should be adhered to, or can you just eyeball something you are making?

pink owl necklace 6

Woot Woot! Cleavage shot! Ha Ha, I was in my pj’s and threw on a shirt just to take a picture of this necklace to post.

Two Ankle Bracelets

toe ankle bracelet 2

The anklet in action!

The anklet in action!

Going on a cruise to the Bahamas in TEN days, and as I envision myself frolicking on white sandy beaches and toeing crystal blue water, I made two ankle bracelets this week! Let me add here that cruises to the Bahamas are SO much fun, and SO inexpensive if you go at the right time of the year. Five day cruise, leaving from a port about half an hour from my house, $199! How can you beat that?

Anyway, the first ankle bracelet I made was to go with this CRAZY shirt that I found at the local thrift shop a few weeks ago. I can’t see myself ever wearing this shirt EXCEPT on a cruise to the Bahamas. If you have ever been there, you know the big thing is having your hair braided and beaded….and this crazy shirt reminded me of exactly that!

yellow bead shirt 2

yellow bead shirt

This anklet was super easy to make, and used up some somewhat “teenage girly” pony beads that I happened to find in one of my bead boxes. It involved looping some thin wire around the beads, the tutorial is here on the website “Fave Crafts”.

pony bead anklet

The second one is a fancier toe ring anklet that I winged by looking at the ones for sale on this website called “Lady Beads”. It was pretty easy, just a loop around the toe made of silver seed beads, a string of some pretty and very sparkly silver beads and some round mother of pearl disks up to the ankle, and then a loop for the ankle made of seeds and sparkly beads.

toe ankle bracelet 4

toe ankle bracelet 3

toe ankle bracelet 5

This anklet involved some tinkering to fit exactly from my toe to my ankle and then around my ankle. So it may be hard to make for someone other than yourself? But it took me literally about half an hour to make, and I think it is super pretty. Not sure how well it will hold up in the ocean, but I guess we will find out!

toe ankle bracelet

Hooray for summer and beach weather coming!

Wednesday Beading Project – Beaded Ring “Boticelli”

blue and gray ring 5

I don’t make alot of beaded rings. My goal is to get into wire working, and THEN I am going to make crazy rings! My husband actually tried to surprise me a few weeks ago and bought me about a hundred dollars worth of stuff from Home Depot, he happened to be in there with his friend, and it was all “for my crafting”! He was so excited about it, unfortunately, and I felt like quite an ass for returning it all, it was all this Martha Stewart painting supply stuff. I don’t paint. But I was all jazzed up thinking I was going to get a bunch of wire and wireworking stuff in exchange! Finally! But no….I couldn’t find a single thing in there except a dollars worth of metal washers.

But I digress….I rarely make beaded rings because they’re so….bulky? And this ring is absolutely, 100% no exception! It’s HUGE!

wow, that's an awfully, er, big ring ya got there!

wow, that’s an awfully, er, big ring ya got there!

On my Pinterest page today there was a link to a french? website called well, I’m not sure what it’s called as my high school french has failed me miserably but it had a ring on there called Bague Boticelli which looked do-able, so I gave it a shot!

blue and gray ring 2

blue and gray ring 4

The schematic called for one one 8mm bead, two 6mm, eight 5mms, and twelve 3mms, along with some seed beads. In actuality, the 11/0 seed beads I used were about exactly the same size and color as the 3mms I used, so that was kinda silly. You can’t even tell them apart. But I made this ring in under an hour, and it used up some of my round beads that I am swimming in over here.

blue and gray ring 3

I put it on and showed hubby and asked how he liked? And the response was “ummmm……” never a good sign, ha ha. He suggested next time maybe I should use smaller beads? And I tend to agree…but it was a fun, quick project all told.

Edit: I made a much smaller ring today, and I like it a whole lot better!

small boticelli ring 2

I used a 6mm instead of the 8mm, 4mms instead of the 5 and 6mms, and did away with the 3mms altogether and just used 11/0 and 15/0 seeds.

what a difference a few mm's make!

what a difference a few mm’s make!

As you can see, the size difference is significant. I feel alot more comfortable wearing this smaller ring than the larger one.

small boticelli ring


I wore the big ring to work today. I had used two of the “miracle beads” in the bigger ring, the light blue ones on either side of the focal bead. And all day they mezmerized me, every time the light hit them right. So in this smaller ring, I used ALL miracle beads, except for the seeds of course.

A Pair of “Beads Magic” Necklaces

Incanto Necklace 5bilberry necklace

Ahh, the website Beads Magic. If you have never been, it is full of literally hundreds of patterns of mostly seed and small bead jewelry, from the simple to the intricate. While I prefer to wear the jewelry I make from polymer pendants, or resin molds, or bigger beaded things, I find myself liking to work on seed bead projects. I’m not sure why, I just feel a greater sense of accomplishment when finishing a bead weaving project….even though I personally feel like the pieces look more homemade, which may or may not be a bad thing, and generally are not my individual style.

That being said, I banged out two necklaces this week from the Beads Magic website, one to match a shirt I have, and the other to match a dress!

Incanto necklace 3

The first necklace is entitled Incanto. I recently bought a huge stash of pearl beads, and this project used 8mm, 6mm and seed beads.

Incanto necklace 2

Incanto necklace 4

Besides using up some of my pearls, I matched this necklace to this very pretty shirt that my Mom sent me for Christmas!

bilberry necklace 2

The second necklace is called Bilberry. It used 4mm, 6 or 7mms, and seed beads.

bilberry necklace 3

Both of these necklaces worked up rather quickly, and satisfied my yen for seed beading.

Polymer Clay Orange Flower Earrings

orange flower earrings 11

I bought an orange and yellow dress, and wanted some earrings to go with it. That’s the best part of making jewelry….you can tailor make anything you want to match just about anything! So using this tutorial from 2 Good Claymates for Polymer Disk Earrings, I got out my yellow and orange clay and had at it!

orange flower earrings 4

I made a yellow and orange skinner blend, and cut out some flower shapes, trying to use the most swirly parts of the clay sheet. I then made a flower impression in the pieces, first trying out a texture sheet that I had but ultimately using a picture frame to make deeper, more impressive impressions.

I used this plastic picture frame to make texture in polymer clay.

I used this plastic picture frame to make texture in polymer clay.

I tried three different mediums to add some pizazz to them – a bronze pearl-ex powder, some brownish acrylic paint applied and then wiped off to leave paint in the impressions, and some pearl pearl-ex powder. I HATED the acrylic paint one, it looked terrible I threw it away. The bronze pearl-ex one was okay, but I liked best the pearl pearl-ex powder. After baking, I made another set of flowers in the same size to apply to the backs to hold the eye pin in.

this is the one with the bronze pearl-ex powder.  Meh.

this is the one with the bronze pearl-ex powder. Meh.

On the advice of the 2 Good Claymates tute that I linked to, bending the eye pin into a squiggle helps to hold it in place – makes a ton of sense as a straight pin, as I have found out the hard way in the past, can slide right out of the hole. So after squiggling up my eye pins, I put the back pieces of clay on to the baked front pieces .

A squiggly eye pin trumps a straight eye pin every time.

A squiggly eye pin trumps a straight eye pin every time.

The tutorial I was kinda following used a plastic net to texture the back, I used this strange plastic piece that I seriously found on the ground a few months ago and thought “I have no idea what this is, but it would make a good texture!”

they mysterious plastic texturing piece

they mysterious plastic texturing piece

textured backs

textured backs

After trimming around the flower petals to make the two sides fit together, I baked again. The big question afterward was: brush on some resin, or just brush on some Finish floor wax? My husband, who probably just wanted some dinner, suggested I just Finish them and be done with it, so that’s what I did. If I make them again, I may try to brush on some resin to make them shinier and sturdier. But a quick addition of an ear hook, and that was that! I may add a dangly bead or two in the future, but for now I am quite pleased to have some yellow and orange earrings to match my yellow and orange sundress!

EDIT: I made some resin last night for another project, and decided to add some to these earrings. I love the way resin acts kinda like a magnifying glass of sorts when put on top of a piece of polymer. Anyway they came out super shiny, the design and the colors seem more amplified, and they are definately more sturdy.

orange flower earrings resin

orange flower earrings resin 2

Two Types of Tila Bead Bracelets

red and green tila bracelets

This week I worked on two Tila bead bracelets. I did not have a pattern for either of them, I eyeballed a picture and copied! I have been nursing a horrible toothache all week (dentist appointment tomorrow, yay!) so it took me about five days to finish these….but I like them both, and especially the curvy greenish blue one!

green tila bracelet 3

The first bracelet used Miyuki Metallic Green Iris 5mm x 1.9mm Tila Beads that I had picked up on Amazon from Beadaholique. These Tilas are a bit smaller and somewhat opaque, but Amazon usually has a tube of approximately 64 to 86 beads for $2 to $4.

green tila bracelet 2

I used 3mm glass pearls in “pewter” from Auntie’s Beads, alternating with a seed bead mix of 10/0 beads in the color mix “mermaid” from Hobby Lobby.

green tila bracelet

The picture that I copied from is this Tila Curve Bracelet. If you concentrate, it’s not that hard at all.

green tila bracelet 4

red tila bracelet

The second bracelet used some better (and more expensive) Red Picasso 6mm Tila Beads
and two colors of SuperDuo beads, along with some gold 11/0 seed beads.

red tila bracelet 2

I have made something similar to this before, and I used this picture from Around the Beading Table to work from. Alas, since I didn’t have an actual pattern to work from, the bracelet is a bit wonky and uneven looking when laid out on the table, but when put on the wrist it looks fine. Moral of the story: if you are a perfectionist, or you plan to sell or give your stuff away as gifts, it definately pays to buy the pattern to work from.

a bit wonky, won't you agree?

a bit wonky, won’t you agree?