Polymer Clay Molded Flower Set

flower mold set 2

Last week at Hobby Lobby I picked up a package of Sculpey Mold Maker, then came home and scoured the house for something to mold. First I made a mold of a piece of coral that I had found at the beach and made a resin copy, which came out pretty cool! Then I came across an acrylic flower bead, which came out even cooler!

acrylic flower bead, Sculpey mold maker, and resulting mold.

acrylic flower bead, Sculpey mold maker, and resulting mold.

As I have never made a mold before, I find myself wishing I would have coughed up the extra five bucks to get the two part clay, the one where you mix the two clays together. The reason I say this is because as you can see, the mold is already cracking all over! I have no idea whether this particular brand of mold clay is supposed to come out rubbery, or hard. I don’t know whether I overbaked it, or underbaked it. The clay is actually still a bit soft and bendy, even though I baked it for forty minutes. But now it has cracks all over it!

molded flower earring

molded flower earring

I used some silver colored polymer clay, and baked them. After they were cool, I brushed on some light blue acrylic paint, and then wiped most of it back off. After that dried, I rubbed some copper pearl-ex powder on them, and finally finished them off with a few coats of Finish.

the finishing touches

the finishing touches

So they came out looking like old metal. I had poked holes in the clay before baking, so I used a simple jump ring combination to hang them on a rubber cord and some ear hooks. Wore the set to work today with some faded jeans and a white shirt and it looked very nice!

The finished set!

The finished set!


2 thoughts on “Polymer Clay Molded Flower Set

  1. I use sculpy bake and bend clay to make molds and rubber stamps, it works great and is cheap! I have a video on my blog if you are interested;)

    • Thank you! I just watched the video….just what I needed! I love that the bake and bend is cheaper than specific mold clays, and works just as well. Love your blog, by the way, I’m hooked! This hobby can get expensive and as a not wealthy girl, I appreciate all your cost – effective tips!!

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