Three Strand Tila Bead Bracelets

blue and purple tila 3 strand 2

I have so many beads that I have bought in the past year that I forget what I even have sometimes. Then I stumble across something and say “Oh Yeah! I forgot about these!” Which I am sure everyone does, especially if you have the beading bug. I came across a bunch of Tila beads that I had bought on sale through Amazon months ago. So, inspired by this “Berrylicious” Bracelet pattern at Red Panda Beads (they have a TON of color examples on the page!) I whipped up a few variations.

blue and red tila 3 strand 2

One was made with Red Picasso tila beads and some light blue pearlescent 6/0’s, and the other has light blue tilas, purple seeds and tibetan silver tube spacers.

blue and red tila 3 strand

blue and purple tila 3 strand

My only problem is….I made them too small to fit on MY wrist 😦 – hopefully my daughter will like them!


One thought on “Three Strand Tila Bead Bracelets

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