Wednesday Beading Project – “Looking Glass” pendant


I wandered on to the Craftsy website last week, and having been paid today I figured I would actually purchase a pattern for the first time. Up until now, everything I have ever made has been from either a free tutorial or copied from a picture from the internet. After searching for about half an hour, I couldn’t find anything that I wanted to pay for! The one that jumped out at me turned out to be a free tutorial. Sigh, I tried. No, I WANT to support my fellow beaders and I promise I will buy a tutorial one of these days from someone who I am sure put alot of time, effort and imagination into coming up with a new and unique idea.

But for today, I tried out this Looking Glass Pendant Tutorial, which as I said is a free download. It was very easy, only took me about an hour start to finish, and can be adapted into any number of shapes and color combinations.


I did not have an oval shaped connector, only a circle. I think an oval would actually look much better than a circle. But I am pleased with the outcome, and put my pendant on a string of the same 6/0 and 11/0 seed beads that I had used for the pendant.

Happy Wednesday! 🙂


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