Resin over Polymer Clay

Resin over Polymer Clay

Lately I have been attempting resin over polymer clay pendants. I make a polymer clay cane, cut thin slices and lay them on a sheet of medium thickness black clay.

I cut out shapes and bake. Once they are cooled, I pour a thin layer of epoxy resin over them, using a toothpick, skewer, or popsicle stick to get the resin into the oddly shaped corners of the piece. Let them dry for about a day or two.

The last step is drilling a hole in the piece with the dremel, and adding a bail and a cord. I ordered bulk black rubber cords that have a chain and lobster clasp already attached from E-Bay. They come out super cute and are pretty easy! There are alot of steps – making the cane, making the cane slices sheet and cutting out, baking, resining, waiting, drilling….but you can make a bunch at one time, and they are truly one of a kind and unique!

finished pendants on 18" black rubber cords

finished pendants on 18″ black rubber cords


4 thoughts on “Resin over Polymer Clay

  1. I love these. I have been toying around with clay and resin as well – do you ever have a problem with the resin getting dingy or hazy when you handle the pieces later?

    • I just started doing the resin over the clay within the past two weeks and have not yet noticed any haziness….one batch I did, I somehow did not add enough hardener and they were still a tiny bit sticky after three or four days. I tried brushing them with a coat of “good” resin, but I still can see the effects of four days worth of handling slightly sticky pieces.
      Tonight I decided to go back and do the back sides of all the pieces with resin as well, if anything to make them more sturdy? I drilled holes in a few and strung them on cord and I felt very nervous that they would break, especially the ones that have thin corners, like triangles. So I am patiently waiting for them to dry (the worst part!) and see if they feel stronger.
      I did read on a few different sites that things that can make resin look cloudy is too thick of a layer, or the resin being too cold when mixing.

  2. I just started working with polymer clay and wanted to find something after my pieces were baked to not chip or break off. Resin and hardener are for this purpose right? and if so where could I find these two?

    • I am by no means an expert in any of this, but lately after making polymer pieces I coat them in Castin’ Craft epoxy resin. If you have a hobby lobby near you, a 16 oz box is 21.99, and they have 40 percent off coupons both in the store and for your phone, so you can get it actually for about 13 bucks. And it’s a pretty big box – there are two seperate liquids, you mix them equal parts and either carefully pour or brush on to your baked pieces, and not only do they make it hard like glass, they actually act kinda like a little magnifying glass, the colors and designs in your polymer pieces seem to jump out. I love it. It can be a pain to do sometimes, getting it all exactly even and smooth, but if you take your time its definately doable. Sometimes I just coat the front, and sometimes i wait the 24 hours it takes to properly dry and I do both sides. Hobby Lobby also has free shipping from their website alot, or you can find epoxy resin on ebay, amazon, michaels, tons of other places. They also sell Jewelry resin or “Ice Resin”, which is higher quality stuff but ALOT more expensive.

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